Quick Answer: What Is The Longest Live Stream?

Does YouTube delete old videos?

No, they do not.

One thing you must realize is that the really old videos on YouTube are not in HD and are shorter in length… this means that old videos take up only about 10% of disk space (and bandwidth).

There isn’t that big of an incentive to go and delete these videos..

How long has LOFI girl been studying?

When ChilledCow’s channel went down, people on Twitter started paying their respects and bemoaning the loss of their favorite “study group.” Some pointed out that, after two years of studying, the girl in the video finally finished her homework. ChilledCow is back — for now.

Who broke Instagram 2020?

Sir David AttenboroughSir David Attenborough breaks Instagram record for fastest time to reach one million followers | Guinness World Records.

Is LOFI good for studying?

The appropriate music is good for studying regardless of the quality of its reproduction, High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) or Low Fidelity (Lo-Fi). The reason it helps is because music subconsciously sets you up in the mood for different things that go from partying, to studying or sleeping.

What is the longest running live stream on YouTube?

The original live stream that was stopped by the take down was 13,000 hours long, making it one of the longest videos on YouTube. On March 18, 2021, 6 years after the creation of the channel, it was announced that the name would be changed from ‘Chilled Cow’, to ‘Lofi Girl’.

What is the longest stream on mixer?

Twitch streamer LosPollosTV sets new world record for longest livestream. There’s a new record-holder it the world of livestreaming, as Twitch personality Louis ‘LosPollosTV’ Sammartino’s 161+ hour broadcast is now the longest uninterrupted stream on any platform.

Why was LOFI banned?

The account behind lofi, ChilledCow, was accidentally banned by YouTube for “violating its Terms of Service.” In a since-deleted tweet, ChilledCow messaged the platform directly and asked for an explanation — backed up by an influx of angry fans — which appeared to work. Read YouTube’s apology in the tweet below.

Do you need 1000 subscribers on YouTube to live stream?

To live stream on mobile, your channel will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers. … Creators who have less than 1,000 subscribers can still live stream through a computer and webcam.

Lofi’s simplicity and ability to help listeners focus are some of its main selling points. It’s perhaps no surprise then that the genre would take off in a time when prolonged use of social media has caused many to feel anxious, depressed and overwhelmed. “[Lofi hip-hop] is calming and relaxing to listen to.

Can I post a 5 minute video on Instagram?

If you’re posting a video to the Instagram feed (aka your main Instagram profile), videos are limited to 1 minute or 60 seconds. You can upload a video that’s longer than 1 minute, but you’ll need to select a 1-minute section of the video.

How long can a YouTube live video be?

If you aren’t verified, the length of your YouTube videos can only be 15 minutes or less. If you are verified, your YouTube videos can be up to 12 hours long, or as much as 128 GB. Here’s everything you need to know about how long a YouTube video can be, and how to get around the limitations.

Who made LOFI girl?

Juan Pablo MachadoThe Lo-Fi Girl (also called the Lo-Fi Study Girl or the “24/7 lofi hip hop beats” girl) is an animated character created by Colombian student Juan Pablo Machado for the Lofi Girl channel on YouTube and Twitch.

Who owns ChilledCow?

DimitriOne of the most popular channels in the lofi family is called ChilledCow. It’s run by Dimitri, a 23-year-old who lives on the outskirts of Paris. He started his live stream on Feb. 25, 2017, and his listenership, well, as you can see from the below image, it grew.

Why is LOFI so calming?

The fact that people generally listen to lo-fi beats on an endless loop also helps create this relaxing effect. Victor Szabo, a music professor who is writing a book about the genre, explained to Elemental that the repetition in the music makes it predictable, soothing listeners further.

Who has the most Instagram live?

Tekashi 6ix9ine broke the all-time record for the most viewers on an Instagram Live on Friday. The rapper, born Daniel Hernandez, garnered two million viewers, breaking the record of 300,000 live viewers, previously held by Drake and singer Torey Lanez.

Is ChilledCow royalty free?

Copyright Free Music ChilledCow has a playlist of copyright-free music, primarily for other YouTubers to use in their videos.

What is the longest Instagram live video?

Instagram Live: Instagram Live can be up to an hour long. However, similarly to Stories, if you need longer than an hour, you can record a new Live video immediately after the first. Instagram Feed: Videos published in your Instagram feed that can range from 3-60 seconds long.

Is YouTube live free?

About live streaming to YouTube. Just about anyone with an Internet connection can create a YouTube channel for free and live stream to it, but your channel must first be verified and can’t have any live stream restrictions in the last 90 days. Read our complete guide: How to live stream to YouTube. It’s free!