Quick Answer: Is Call Forwarding Free On Vodafone?

Is Call Forwarding free?

Yes, call diverts would be charged.

So when someone calls you on number “A” its an incoming call which is free, however its getting divereted to number “B” which mean, there an outgoing call being initiated from “A” to “B”.

It would according to your outgoing charges..

How do you forward calls on Vodafone?

To divert all callsType the following into your phone **21* followed by your desired telephone number then add # For example **21*07829700191#Press the ‘call’ button (wait for the screen message to confirm the service has been set up)To cancel, call ##21# (again, wait.

How do I divert calls and texts to another number?

How do I set up call divert on my mobile?Press **Enter one of these codes: 21 to divert all calls. 61 to divert calls you don’t answer within 15 seconds. 62 to divert calls when your phone is switched off. … Press the * key again.Enter the phone number you want to divert calls to replacing the 0 with +44.Press the # key and then press send / dial.Apr 30, 2020

Can I activate call forwarding remotely?

To activate Remote Access to Call Forwarding, a subscriber calls a provider-supplied Remote Access Directory Number, enters the telephone number of the line to be redirected along with a personal identification number (PIN), a vertical service code (such as 72# or *73) and the number to which the calls are to be …

What is the difference between call divert and call forward?

The differences between the call transfer and call divert are as follows. The call divert feature allows a user to press the forward button to … This post has been blocked by the administrator or moderator.

What happens if you dial *# 21?

*#21# tells you the status of your unconditional (all calls) call forwarding feature. Basically, if your cell phone rings when someone calls you — this code will return no information to you (or tell you that call forwarding is off).

Does Vodafone charge for call forwarding?

Vodafone- Calls can be diverted to another Vodafone number or a landline number. You won’t be charged for activation but the diverted call would be billed as a separate call. … You also have the option to send unanswered calls to your voicemail.

How do I divert my calls to another phone?

To divert your calls, dial *21* followed by either the:extension number and then press #or site location code and extension number and then press #or 9 and the telephone number and then press #or just the phone number and then press #

How do I stop call forwarding on Vodafone?

How to deactivate call forwarding (Vodafone, Airtel, and Idea!)To deactivate call forwarding when you phone is unanswered: ##61#To deactivate call forwarding when your phone is not reachable: ##62#To deactivate call forwarding when busy: ##67#To deactivate all types of calls: ##21#Feb 13, 2020

What happens if you call *# 21?

We rate the claim that dialing *#21# on an iPhone or Android device reveals if a phone has been tapped FALSE because it is not supported by our research.

Does call forwarding cost money?

When using Call Forwarding: Forwarded calls are billed airtime for the length of the call. Calls may incur long distance and/or roaming charges. Long distance charges apply when forwarding calls to a number outside your designated home calling area.