Question: How Do I Get Unlimited Calls On Vodafone?

How can I get free Vodafone minutes?

To qualifyVodafone Freebie Minutes is available to Pay as you go customers on the Vodafone Simply, Vodafone Smartstep and Vodafone Smartplus pricing terms.

You can add Freebie Minutes by calling 4356 from your mobile and topping up with the relevant amount.More items….

What is Vodafone unlimited calls?

The validity of the plan is of 365 days. Under this plan, subscribers get truly unlimited calling, 3600 SMS until the plan lasts, and complimentary access to the Zee5 app and Vodafone Play. Vodafone’s Rs 2399 recharge plan is the most expensive prepaid plan that offers a long-term validity of 365 days.

How do I make free calls on Vodafone?

Dial 121363, You’ll Free 2GB Data + Unlimited Calling For 7 days, If eligible. P.S. I got on both of my Vodafone numbers. Try & Check if it’s working for you. It’ll be narrated on call itself if you got or not, after that you’ll receive the sms for confirmation of activation.

How can I get free unlimited data on Vodafone?

How to Avail Vodafone Free Data offer?Recharge your Vodafone with a recharge plan.Dial *999# or Open My Vodafone app.Choose free data option.Up to 10GB Free data will be credited to your account.

How can I get 2GB free on Vodafone?

How To Get Free InternetOpen dialer pad and give a miss call to ‘121363’.wait for some time and if ask press 5.again wait for 1-2 minutes till call will get a success message.done! 2GB/day Free Vodafone Internet Data is activated on your sim for 7days.May 24, 2020

How do you bundle a call on Vodafone?

Simply dial *200# to choose your preferred Red offer. 1242 minutes to call Vodafone numbers, 311 minutes to call other networks, 776 MB Data and 21 SMS. 518mins to call all local networks, 1.55GB Data and 21 SMS. There are 3 channels through which you can subscribe to these bundles.

Does Vodafone do unlimited data?

Vodafone has a range of unlimited data plans with 4G & 5G coverage. Choose between Unlimited Max, Unlimited and Unlimited Lite download speeds.

Is Vodafone giving unlimited data?

Vodafone Idea has launched a “binge all-night offer,” which gives unlimited high-speed night-time data at no extra cost. This offer is valid for those users who buy Rs 249 and above prepaid plans. The telecom operator is offering free unlimited data between 12:00AM and 6:00AM.

What is Vodafone unlimited plan?

Vodafone Rs 2399 Recharge Plan For Rs 2398, Vodafone subscribers get 1.5GB data per day for a period of 365 days. As part of the plan, users also get unlimited calling facility to any number in India as well as 100 daily SMS for a year. Additional benefits on the plan are the same as the previous plan.

Is Vodafone giving free Caller Tune?

Vodafone Caller Tune Charges We all know that Vodafone doesn’t give free caller tune service at any time like Jio, Airtel, and Idea. You have to pay for the caller tune subscription charge to activate. For Prepaid user Rs. 36 for 28 days and for Postpaid user will be charged Rs.

Does unlimited calls mean unlimited?

Unlimited national call and text plans are essentially unlimited call and text plans that are limited to carriers within the country where the plan is purchased.

How can I get idea 1 GB?

Enter 1 to get 1GB data free for 1 Day.Visit the Idea recharge page from here.Choose any pack of Rs. 10 or more.Complete the transaction.Now, dial *999#In the pop-up screen, freebie options will appear.Enter 1 to get 1GB data free for one day.

How do I activate unlimited calls on Vodafone?

You might be a Vodafone user, and as a loyal customer you have been calling and texting every day and has been wondering if there is a way of making unlimited calls on Vodafone, the answer is yes, there is….Vodafone Baako Pe! OfferDial *135#Select 1: Activate Baako Pe.Confirm by pressing 1.May 14, 2020

Is Vodafone Unlimited really Unlimited?

Is unlimited data really unlimited. … Our plans come with different maximum mobile data speeds, to match how you use your data. Our Unlimited Lite plan has a maximum mobile data speeds of 2Mbps, Unlimited has a maximum speed of 10 Mbps and our Unlimited Max plans let you access our 5G network at full speed.

What is truly unlimited calls?

Airtel Rs 2498 ‘Truly Unlimited’ Plan Details Like Jio’s annual plan, this plan offers a validity of 365 days. The plan offers 2GB of daily data as well as 100 SMS/day. … Unlike Jio, which has a cap of 1000 minutes a month for Jio to non-Jio calls, Airtel’s plan offers ‘True’ unlimited calling across India.