Question: Are Calls To Virgin Media Free?

How much do 0345 calls cost on Virgin Media?

The cost of phoning using a 0345 number on a Virgin Media is at a standard rate; it is free of charge as long as it is included in your 30-day call contract..

Is 0330 free from mobile?

The cost of calling an 0330 number is never charged at more than a standard call to a geographic 01/02 number, even when calling from a mobile. This effectively makes the call free to people who have a monthly minute bundle as the calls are deducted from the inclusive minutes.

How can I speak to Virgin Media in the UK?

Re: How to speak to a UK call centre? Just send us a text* with a description of your problem to 07533 051809 if it’s about your cable services, or 07533 016422 if you have a query about your mobile services. Your message will go into a queue and a representative will respond to you as soon as possible.

How do I actually speak to someone at Virgin Media?

The best thing to do is to ring 0345 454 1111. Press the buttons up to the point where they ask you for your phone number or account number (it’s important you DON’T input these).

How much does it cost to call 0330 from Virgin landline?

Here’s how much it costs to call 0330 numbers from landline at peak times from the major providers….Cost to call 0330 numbers from landline.ProviderApproximate peak costVirgin Media12p/m3 more rows•Nov 14, 2018

Are 0203 numbers free on Virgin?

Is 0203 Free on Virgin Mobile? … You can only phone 0203 numbers for free if you have inclusive minutes remaining on your landline or mobile tariff, otherwise you will have to pay your provider a per-minute rate plus an access charge as outlined in their terms.

Is ringing 150 free?

Re: 150 call costs? That number is free to call from Virgins home phone.

What calls are free on Virgin Mobile?

Calls to other non-geographic numbers: Freephone calls starting 0800 or 0808 are free from mobiles. Calls to 070 numbers will cost 75p per minute.

Are calls to Virgin Media 150 free?

Give us a call by dialling 150 for free from your Virgin Media home phone or on 0345 454 1111 from any other phone (call charges apply).

Is 0345 included in Virgin minutes?

Calling a number that starts with 0345 on Virgin Mobile is charged at the standard local rate, just the same as calling any other number starting with 03, as long as it is included in the caller’s monthly minutes. … These calls are viewed to be part of your inclusive calls and you can make them as part of your contract.

What are Virgin inclusive numbers?

The inclusive calls in each plan include landlines (numbers starting with 01, 02, or 03), 0870 numbers, and Virgin Mobile numbers.

How much does it cost to call abroad on virgin?

Calling overseas For just £2 a month added to your current package you’ll get: Low international call rates from 10p per minute. Same call rate applies to landlines and mobiles in a destination.

Is 0345 a free phone number?

No calls to 0345 numbers are not free. However they tend to be included in call packages as numbers you are able to call without paying extra charges. … All numbers that start with 03, 01 and 02 are usually charged at the same standard landline rate.

Does it cost to call Virgin Media?

Calls over 60 minutes will be charged at standard rates, except for calls to mobiles which will be charged at 5p per minute. Re-dial before 60 minutes to avoid call charges. Find out more about calling costs to all other number ranges including 09 and 118.

How can I ring Virgin Media for free?

Contact the Virgin Media sales & customer service team by calling their freephone general enquiries number 0800 052 0422.

Is 0330 free from Virgin Mobile?

They Do not charge any extra charges for calling the 0330 number. … Calling the 0330 number from a virgin mobile will cost you. It is approximated to cost about 35p per minute. This is if you do not have bolts on or minutes from a reliable tariff.

How much does 0345 cost from mobile?

Calls to an 0345 UK-wide number from a landline phone for approximately one minute are 9p. Calls to an 0345 UK-wide number from a mobile phone for approximately one minute are between 3p to 55p. Calls to an 0345 UK-wide number from a UK payphone cost more.